Build Your Own Pond Fountain Head with Changeable Nozzles

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Nozzle: Fountain Head W/Wide Umbrella Nozzle
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Lisa Matthews

Build Your Own Pond Fountain

Scott Wood

$170 for slab of Styrofoam with a plastic cover. Now I know why you don't have pictures of this float with the cover removed. It came with no instructions how to remove the nozzle or how to use it. Very disappointed !

John Perry
Great Service

These folks could not have been anymore helpful. Their response time is very quick. Belief me I had a number of question, and they all got answered quickly. I highly recommend using them.


DIY Build Your Own Pond Fountain Float and Nozzle Kit.

Trying to find a professional-looking, aerating fountain for your pond, AND keep it under budget? This float and nozzle kit only needs an appropriate pump attached.  You could use a pool pump, irrigation pump, sprinkler pump, sump pump, or even a gasoline trash pump for an off-the-grid fountain at an affordable cost.  The only trick is to match the specs of your pump to the chart above, in the photos, to determine the spray pattern your pump will create.  Available in 3 display patterns.

Let’s Build Your Own Pond Fountain by simply hooking a pump to this head and nozzle combo!  Choose from three different nozzles.

  • Build Your Own Pond Fountain! Using this fountain head, you can build your own fountain by simply hooking a pump to it, and adding your tubing and connectors.
  • Ideal for use with existing lawn sprinkling pump
  • The Build Your Own Pond Fountainhead has a 24" diameter high-density float and a black plastic decorative float cover
  • The spray nozzle threads on and off for easy cleaning
  • The inlet connection is 2" female threads
  • Nozzle displays are the same as the Aqua Fountains
  • Links to commonly used pump and screenYou will need some threaded plumbing parts from your local plumbing supply to match them together and you may want to build a larger intake screen if your pond has algae and weeds that may get stuck on the small intake. 
  • Link to additional Fountain Nozzle Patterns.

Build Your Own Pond Fountain today!

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