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Christine Bithell
crystal blue pond dye

I like the color as it seems to accent the lawn and other plant surroundings. I have used this product before with much success. Shipping/delivery was quick too. Very well packed.

Ken Haak Jr
Smith Creek Fishery

I put in a roughly 2 acre pond about 3.5 years ago and went to Smith Creek after doing a Google search for fisheries in my area. I met Todd and he has been my go to for pond maintenance and stocking. He has been wonderful! Doesn't sell you anything you don't need and is a plethora of knowledge. My pond is clear and sustains Brown/Rainbow Trout, Bass, Crappie, Blue Gill, Yellow Perch , Pumpkin Sunfish and Grass Carp. I couldn't be happier. I could order online, but choose to drive down to Bliss, NY from Lockport, NY just to speak directly with Todd. If you're looking for anything pond related, Todd and Smith Creek is your one stop shop! You won't be disappointed!!

Lee Boren
Pond Dye

This is great stuff

Heather Harris
Love Smith Creek!!!!

I am always so impressed with how quickly you get my product to me. Best customer service ever. The Blue Pond Dye does its job quickly, not only making our pond such a pretty color, but helping in controlling the unwanted growth.

Bryan Dunlap

Great product for any farm pound


Crystal Blue Pond Dye Gallon from Sanco Industries


Maintains your pond all year long. Crystal Blue Pond Dye by Sanco is our primary line of lake and pond colorants. Unlike other brands that may leave your pond looking green, Crystal Blue uses a proprietary formula to provide a beautiful royal blue color to your lake or pond all year long.

  • Crystal Blue Pond Dye enhances the color of your pond or lake all year long
  • 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, consumption, and irrigation
  • Maintain your blue color and clarity all year long
  • Helps settle out dissolved solids
  • 1-gallon treats 1 acre, 4-6ft deep

Crystal Blue Pond Dye Directions For Use: Apply at the rate of 1 gallon per each surface acre of water 4 feet deep. Additional amounts may be added if deeper color is required.

Why should you use Crystal Blue Pond Dye?

Crystal Blue Pond Dye can limit the sunlight penetration to the bottom of the pond, and hide the green color of algae in your water. In terms of cost, it is very inexpensive so it becomes a good option for the pond owners for management option. For the natural and proactive approach, Crystal Blue Pond Dye can be combined with muck remover, pond cleaner, bacteria booster, and bottom aeration for the management of your pond.

When should Crystal Blue Pond Dye be used?

In all months of the year when the pond is not frozen, Crystal Blue Pond Dye can be used because there are no temperature restrictions for its use. Algae can even grow in a water temperature of 40 degrees making your water look cloudy. Pond dye is used all year long in southern states since there is no freezing of ponds or lakes. In northern areas, it must be used when the ice starts melting and continues until the pond freezes again.

Crystal Blue Pond Dye Restrictions

  • Do not apply to potable water that is meant for human consumption.
  • Do not use it for small water features and water gardens.
  • It can be used for lakes and ponds that are meant for irrigation and aquaculture.

Crystal Blue Pond Dye Features

  • Enhances and maintains your pond color and clarity for up to 30 days or more
  • 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, and irrigation
  • 1 concentrated gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4 – 6 feet deep!


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