Deep Water Dock De-icing Kit

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Diffused Air De-Icing Systems Deep Water Dock De-icing Kit - Docks up to 100' long
Protect your dock investment from costly ice damage
Diffused air Deep Water Dock De-icing Kit systems are an excellent choice for keeping water open around boat lifts, docks, piers, marinas and other structures needing
to be ice-free in the northern climate. A minimum of three foot deep water is needed for diffused air to be effective. Ice damage can be very costly and paying to have docks and boat lifts removed and installed every year has considerable cost. For just a few dollars per month in electric, a diffused air system will maintain open water and prevent these yearly expenses.

  • Deep Water Systems for 7'+ depths
  • Energy efficient; as low at $27 per month
  • 3/8" Quick Sink tubing and self-weighted diffusers for easy installation and optimal performance

specs-dockair.jpgDeep Water Dock De-icing Kit