High Volume Pond and Lake Pump Intake Screen

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High Volume Pond and Lake Pump Intake Screen Filter

For high-volume pumping applications, these heavy-duty pump intake screens are the answer! For most high-volume pumps, these lake water filter screens are a much better choice as they will allow fine particles through so screens will not plug up as often yet will still keep out large objects such as sticks, fish, and weeds.

  • Made from epoxy-coated heavy gauge galvanized wire, will not rust or corrode
  • Mesh size: 1/2" x 1"
  • Includes PVC swing check valve to keep pumps primed.

High Volume Pump Intake Screen Filter Additional Information:

High Volume Pump Intake Screen Filter Supports -  supports with screws - PIF234ST and PIF68ST

High Volume Pump Intake Screen Filter Heavy Duty Filter Stand for PIF2/3/4 - FILS

Use these water pump intake screens to reduce the cleaning and maintenance of submersible pumps or intake screens on shore-mounted pumps by keeping them up off the bottom.

  • Great for irrigation systems where plugging is a problem!
  • Universal design - holds all types of screens up off the bottom
  • Available for PIF2/3/4

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