Mesh Bag for Barley Straw

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Mesh Bag for Barley Straw (not suitable for pellets)


Looking for a way to reduce algae in your pond? Try using barley straw from your local feed or farm supply store and placing it in one of our mesh sacks.  Add a milk or bleach bottle for flotation to increase circulation. 

The recommended quantity:

  • 225 pounds (or 4–5 bales) per surface acre of water. (Do not exceed 450 pounds per acre to avoid the decaying straw from depleting the water of oxygen)
  • 1 pound of straw per 2000 gallons of water for small ponds.

How to use the staw and net sacks: 

  1. The bales need to be broken up and fluffed so that there will be a good flow of oxygenated water around the decaying straw in the pond.
  2. Place the loose straw into a mesh sack.
  3. Tie the sack to something buoyant, like a milk jug or soda bottle, so that they stay within a few feet of the pond surface, and can be anchored in place.
  4. Evenly space sacks across the pond. (For smaller ponds, they can be placed in the center.)

Each bag can hold approximately 7-8 pounds of straw and work effectively for about 4-6 months before needing to be changed out. Getting straw in the pond at the beginning of the season will help prevent the growth of Algae.

This product can also be used for storing onions, potatoes, fruits, and firewood!

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