Natural Phosphate Binder / Trace Minerals

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EasyPro Phosphate Binder

A critical step in effective pond management & maintenance

This all natural powder formulation provides a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulfate (ALUM), to bind problem causing phosphate in pond water. It will also buffer pH, provide approximately 70 beneficial trace minerals, provide minor flocculation (settling) of mud and clay particles and aid in reducing ammonia.

  • Improve clarity
  • Reduce phosphates
  • Stimulate biological activity
  • Works great with bacteria

Directions for Use

Phosphate Binder can be used all season long. Best if mixed with several gallons of pond water to make a slurry, then spread around edges of pond. Can be applied up to 2x recommend rates. Multiple treatments per week can be used for murky water. Best results if used with All Season Pond Bacteria. Can be used in alternate weeks or at the same time as bacteria treatments.

Initial applications (or murky water): Apply 5-7 pounds per acre-foot two times per week for first two weeks.

Maintenance applications: Apply 3-5 pounds per acre-foot every one – two weeks.

Maintenance Dose 3-5 pounds per acre-foot

Natural Phosphate Binder SDS