Granular Pond Fertilizer 25 Pound Box


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Super concentrate 10-52-4 granular pond fertilizer 25# box shipped FREE with a FREE pond fertilizing book included. 

Our 10-52-4 Dry High Phosphate Pond Fertilizer is 98% soluble in water. Our pond fertilizer is formulated from the highest quality materials. Therefore, once dissolved and applied it does not sink to the bottom and become tied up in mud bottoms.

Pond fertilization provides nutrients that stimulate the growth of plankton, the basis of the food chain in ponds. Water insects and organisms feed on the plankton. Small fish feed on the insects and small organisms; large fish prey on the small fish. Your ponds' entire food chain will be increased.

Using pond fertilizer can increase your fish production two to three times. Infertile ponds seldom produce more than 100 lbs of fish per acre. Directions for General Application Apply at a rate of 4 lbs per surface acre of water. Begin the first application when the water temperature reaches 60º Fahrenheit.

The second application should be done two weeks later. Then apply once every three weeks for nine weeks. Applications may be made monthly thereafter until the water temperature cools back down to below 60º Fahrenheit.

Warning: Use a Secchi Disk, measure light penetration. Once reading is 18 to 24 inches, stop fertilization. Buyer is responsible for propper use of this product with respect to individual situations.

 We include a FREE pond fertilizing booklet with your order