Rotary Vane Compressor Parts

Size: 1/4 HP Gast Rotary Vane Repair Kit
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Rotary Vane Compressor Parts


Gast Rotary Vane Repair Kits:

Rotary vane compressors each have four self-wearing carbon vanes, when the vanes become worn to a certain point they no longer catch air and you will notice a large reduction in airflow.

Repair Kits Include:
  • four new vanes, a new gasket, and two new black internal air filters.
  • Ship weight - 2 lbs.
Internal Air Filters:

Rotary vane compressors have two internal air filters. Air filter elements are included in repair kits or can be purchased separately. The black plug that holds the filter does not come in the repair kit. All models use the same plugs and filters.

Check Valve For Rotary Vane Compressor:

The Gast RVC/ RVC2 Rotary Vane Compressor Parts assembly is designed to go on the inlet of the Gasy rotary vane compressors. From time to time rotary vane units can somehow (power outage, etc.) spin in the wrong direction. By doing this they can actually pull water up the line and into the eccentric vane chamber causing damage to the unit. The RVC/RVC2 assembly prevents this from happening by essentially not allowing the unit to spin in the wrong direction by creating an airlock if it does go the wrong way. Just the blue portion is technically the Check Valve For Rotary Vane Compressor.  This assembly could be adapted to other situations or compressors.

  • RVC - the inlet is 1/4" FPT and the connection to the compressor is 1/4" npt
  • RVC2 - the inlet is 3/8" FPT and the connection to the compressor is 3/8" npt

Customer Reviews

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Gary Williams
Repair kit but no filter

I had to order the filter separately. I feel it should be included in the kit. Parts worked fine on a 1/4 hp motor.

Replacement air filters are specific to your system so they are sold seperately depending what kind of filter you have. Air filters should also be changed more often than you would rebuild your compressor.

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