Sonar™ A.S. Herbicide

size: 8 Ounce (Treats Up To 1/4 Acre)
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Sonar™ A.S. Herbicide:

  • Ninety-day or more weed control
  • Complete kill can take 30-90 days 
  • Treats floating & submerged weeds
  • The systemic herbicide kills the roots
  • Sonar™ A.S. Herbicide should be applied early in the season, prior to or just after plant growth begins. 
  • Effective on duckweed and milfoil
  • Sonar™ A.S. Herbicide is absorbed by the plants and inhibits the weed's ability to make food, causing it to die. 

This 41.7% fluridone product is excellent for whole pond and lake treatments. It is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide for the management of aquatic vegetation in freshwater ponds, lakes, reservoirs, drainage canals, and irrigation canals. It is important to maintain the recommended concentration in contact with the target plants for a minimum of 45 days.

Even the most persistent weeds don't stand a chance against Sonar™. SePRO Sonar™ A.S. Aquatic Herbicide can be used to control stubborn aquatic weeds in freshwater farm ponds and lakes. 

Aquatic Herbicide early in the spring provides season-long control against undesirable aquatic vegetation. Sonar™ A.S. is ideal for water bodies with minimal water outflow. 8 ounces of Sonar™ A.S. treats 1/4 acres 4-6 feet deep.

Cannot be shipped to AK, CA, CT, DE, DC, HI, ME, MA, NJ, NY, PR, RI, VT, WA, or Canada


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