SRC Stratus Compressor Rebuild Kits Fits Gast

Rebuild Part: 1/4 hp. Stratus Rebuild Kit
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William Gage
compressor rebuild kit

easy to install, compressor works like new again


SRC  Stratus Compressor Rebuild Kits Fits Gast


Stratus SRC series "Gen 2" rocking piston compressors are specifically designed for the demanding job of 24-hour operation. They are ideal for pond aeration systems. The oil-less design safely aerates ponds with no electricity in the water.

The shore-mounted compressor sends air through tubing to a bottom-mounted diffuser for a safe, effective way to aerate ponds. Compressors are available in 115v or 230v.

Stratus SRC rocking piston compressors contain these wearable internal components. Like tires on your car, these parts need to be replaced over time.

Accessories included in this kit are:

  • The Air Compressor Pump Piston Rebuild Kit includes piston cups, cylinders, O-rings, and cup retainer screws
  • SRC75K includes valve plates with leaf valves installed
  • SRC25VP and SRC50VP are complete valve plates with leaf valves installed.

Gast style diaphragm Compressors Air Filter or rebuild kit. If your air compressor runs but does not pump air after a couple of years of service, chances are the diaphragm is cracked. Also, check to be sure the filter is not dirty as this will hinder compressor performance as well.

  • For a 1/4HP SRC compressor – use the SRC25K kit
  • For a 1/2HP SRC compressor – use the SRC50K kit
  • For a 3/4HP SRC compressor – use the SRC75K kit

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