Waterfall Pump Vaults

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EasyPro Waterfall Pump Vaults - JAFT, JAFL

Large diameter pump vault can fit multiple mag drive pumps for high flow features.

  • Roto-molded for excellent strength
  • Ideal for use with mag drive pumps
  • Includes vault and lid
  • JAFL can be used with JAFVE Vault extension  

Contractor Waterfall Pump Vaults - JAFM, JAFV

Strongest in the industry!

  • Built heavy duty to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock
  • The slots cut in the sides allow water into the pump
  • Intake tubes available for JAFM and JAFV to increase flow capacity

Waterfall Pump Vaults Extensions - JAFME,JAFM30, JAFVE, JAFV30

  • Dig your reservoir deeper (great for tight areas) and still have easy access to the pump
  • Flange around bottom slides right over the top edge of the main vault
  • Multiple extensions can be used if needed

Waterfall Pump Vaults