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Height: 12' Four Leg Becker Windmill Kit
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Four Leg High Volume Windmill Aerator

This windmill tower looks more like traditional farm windmills and is more stable than the three-legged units. This unit also pumps a large volume of air and has high-pressure capability due to the large head size for deeper ponds. One-piece welded steel hub secures easily to windmill. Five-year limited warranty.

One-piece welded steel hub secures easily to Windmill Aerator.

  • 6' diameter head with 12 blades, tapered blade design allows windmill to turn in low wind and yet produce large air volume in high winds. Windmill pumps 2.9 CFM @ 9 MPH wind, up to 5 CFM in higher winds!
  • Over-speed protection — tail section turns head 12º - 15º away from the wind to protect from over-speed conditions.
  • Intake air is filtered — the filter is reusable and easy to clean; keeps dirt, pollen, and debris from plugging up the pump.
  • Five-year limited warranty on Four Leg High Volume Windmill Aerator.

Kit includes:

  • 50' of poly tubing
  • 100' of quick sink tubing
  • dual head Quick Sink diffuser
  • 16' & 20' windmills include the hinge set
  • Deluxe kit includes: 50′ of poly tubing, 200′ of Quick Sink Tubing, 2-way splitter, 2 single head Quick Sink Diffusers

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