Eco-Series Waterfall Spillways

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Size: 12" Waterfall Spillway
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Eco-Series Waterfall Spillways by EasyPro

  • Inlet spin weld fitting comes installed, simply connect incoming supply line
  • Connecting the liner takes only seconds using the patented "Spliner Lock" system
  • Fill the spillway with gravel/small cobblestone, plug-in pump, and enjoy!







EasyPro Eco-Series Spillway - 12-in.

11/2" back

161/2" x 13" x 9"

5 lbs.


EasyPro Eco-Series Spillway - 18-in.

2" both ends

22" x 141/2" x 131/2"

11 lbs.


EasyPro Eco-Series Spillway - 23-in.

2" both ends

273/4" x 141/2" x 131/2"

12 lbs.


EasyPro Eco-Series Spillway - 34-in.

2" both ends

371/4" x 141/2" x 131/2"

22 lbs.


EasyPro Eco-Series Spillway - 48-in.

2" both ends

521/2" x 141/2" x 131/2"

27 lbs.

These waterfall and pond spillways are a great, easy-to-install, affordable way of adding a water feature to your home. The spillways are most often used in conjunction with the pondless pump vault. The spillways are available in four different sizes, 18", 23", 34", and 48".

Simply wrap liner over the spliner bar, push up into spliner groove, and twist the locking knobs into place. Fast, easy, leakproof installation without silicone, bolts, or tools! 

  • Fast, easy, leakproof installation without silicone, bolts, or tools!
  • Roto-molded for excellent strength.
  • Dual Inlets - 2" bulkheads (pre-installed for you) allow for easy plumbing into either end, a plug for the unused end is included.
  • Includes a 4" diffuser tube that lays across the bottom of the spillway in between the inlet fittings.
  • Water enters from either end (or both ends) and spreads out evenly across the whole width of the spillway.
  • Gravel can then be used to fill the inside of the spillway creating a natural, even-looking waterfall.

Recommend Accessories:

  • Faux stone is available for CF18E & CF23E
  • Filter Media Kit CF1823K
  • Waterfall Foam: EasyPro Waterfall Foam
  • Pump: EasyPro Pumps
  • Pump Vault: EasyPro Eco-Series Pump Vault
  • Lighting: EasyPro Super Bright Mini-LED 16 Diode Lights - White


EasyPro Filter Media Kit (fits CF18E/CF23E) - CF1823K

Filter media kit for 18" and 23" Eco-Series spillways allow for aiding existing filtration or for removing sediments in Just-A-Fall kits. 

  • Not intended to replace a proper filter, but rather to supplement existing filtration
  • Can be added to Just-A-Falls kits to aid in sediment removal from the water
  • Includes PVC diffuser pipe, two mesh bags of media, and a strip of 2" solids filter media
  • Spillway lip not included

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