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You can customize the nozzle of your fountain as you want. These nozzles are interchangeable and are sold separately, so you can change the fountain to your desired patterns.


1. You simply have to hook the pump to this fountain head.

2. It is ideal to use with already existing lawn sprinkling pump. 
3. The inlet connection is 2″ female threads.
4. The spray nozzle can be threaded on/off for easy cleaning .
5. The head of fountain has 24″ diameter with high density float and decorative float cover.

6. Bottom mounted eye bolts for your tether or anchor lines.
7. Made in the USA.

If you want a desirable and decorative look then these floating fountains are a popular choice. These types of fountains are used in golf courses, parks, office building and housing development areas.

Different spray patterns are available so they produce a very aesthetically pleasing look and create circulation and aeration. 
These fountains make water movement at the surface of the pond so they keep pollen, duckweed, water meal and other surface debris under control.

Fountain performance chart

Rocket Nozzle

 Spray Pattern   Pump Rating in GPM Pump Rating Head Preassure
6′h×3′d 40 10'
8′h×3′d 45 13'
10′h×3′d 51 15'
12′h×3′d 55 16'
14′h×3′d 61 20'
16′h×3′d 65 23'

Wide umbrella nozzle

 Spray Pattern   Pump Rating in GPM Pump Rating Head Preassure
4′ h×15′d 62  11'
6′h×20′d 77 14'
8′h×24′d 82 19'



1. It gives your pond an aesthetically pleasing and desirable look.
2. They create aeration and circulation.
3. The surface debris of the pond remains under control.


Hence, if you are looking for something to enhance the look of your pond then these fountain nozzles matched with a fountain head are for you.  These are custom-built so you can change the look of your pond as you desire. Hook the pump to the head and you are done with it.

Moreover when cleaning is required you can screw on or off the nozzle.
The inlet connection is 2 inch female thread and the head of fountain has a 24 inch diameter with a high density float and a decorative float cover.
So, if you are looking for all these features then this is a must buy for you.