Lake & Pond Fountains

Choosing the Most Appropriate Fountain for Your Waterbody

Floating lake fountains and aerators are not only decorative, but they also serve a practical purpose. They're an important aspect of your lake and pond management strategy. Floating fountains give aeration and circulation to the pond, which is critical for its general health. Aeration systems for lakes and ponds that are properly designed will assist to offset the damage caused by excessive nitrogen loading from stormwater input. The beneficial microbiological activities that are boosted by well-designed floating fountain aeration in lakes and ponds will minimize and eliminate many of the water quality issues that lake and pond owners confront.


A pond fountain enhances a home's enjoyment and value by increasing water quality and reducing mosquito activity; it may also serve as a majestic focal point, adding distinction and magnificence. Lake and pond fountains bring a touch of tranquillity to a professional environment while also delivering much-needed aeration. Smith Creek Fish Farm can assist you in determining the size, kind, and number of fountains required for optimal lake or pond upkeep.

Fountain Maintenance 

Our experts are well-versed in inspecting and performing any essential fountain maintenance to ensure that it is operating correctly and contributing to the health of your pond or lake. Fountains should be maintained on a yearly basis to ensure that they are providing the best possible service to your waterbody.

Need assistance choosing or installing the perfect lake and pond aerator or fountain for your property?

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