Live Daphnia

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Live Daphnia - Assorted Species

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Live Daphnia are small freshwater crustaceans that may also be known as water fleas. They are called this because of their short jerky hopping movement through the water. There are many species of Daphniidae and their distribution is worldwide. Daphnia feeds on phytoplankton and algae.

Of all the species, the genera of Daphnia and Moina are the most diverse and are a major food source for both young and adult freshwater ponds and lake fish. Stocking daphnia will build your pond's ecosystem from the bottom up, increase productivity and decrease mortality of fry.  Daphnia is also used in aquariums and by schools for educational purposes.

Smith Creek Fish Farm is centrally located in Western New York about an hour's drive from Buffalo and Rochester.  The hatchery and retail pond supply outlet have seasonal hours for Live Daphnia pickup and walk-in customers.

Our expert fish packers will oxygen bag your Live Daphnia for easy, safe, and stress-free transport.  We do suggest bringing coolers or totes to hold your bagged fish.  Truck delivery of trout, game fish, and forage is available in the WNY area when orders meet our delivery minimums. Live Daphnia

We also safely ship, by UPS Next Day Air, many of our fish species including triploid grass carp, Live Daphnia, and crayfish.  Unfortunately, we ONLY ship fish to New York addresses.  All of our fish are 2022 NY DEC certified disease-free and have been for more than 11 years.  Live Daphnia

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Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Lopez

Live Daphnia

Gary Germain


Jonathan Williams
All Good

Arrived alive, they're in the pond.

Thomas Fox
The service was fast and packageing was good.

I am deeply disappointed after getting all set up and excited to see the order arrive so fast that within 2 days the daphnia were all dead! Very disappointing as i have numerous species of fish now breeding with no culture to feed them with.

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